Roni Bradley sipping a drink in front of a restaturant

Henny Syrup In The Valley: A Brunch Love Story

Upon arrival, I was greeted with the heartiest welcome by a gorgeous woman with cornrows. A song by Lil Baby matches the energy of the space. When the hostess learned that I was, in fact,  a party of one, I was escorted to the most comfortable velvet, black booths. I scanned the room to witness the servers in full glam and a young, hip Black woman who appeared to be the big boss. I swallow my solo-diner nerves and scan the QR code for the brunch menu.  

Doth mine eyes deceive me? Shrimp ‘n Grits, Catfish ‘n grits, Banana foster’s French Toast!!!! My Southern palate is intrigued. Or do I go in the complete opposite direction and get a burger or catfish po’ boy? The choices seemed endless as their weekly menu was available as well. I’m  delightfully distracted by a birthday song being performed by the table next to me. I’m  impressed by their vocal ability. Bottomless mimosa carafes waltz through the dining room. A  sweet smell of hookah passes me. The outdoor diners are having a great time in their fruity  clouds. A song that I heard on tik tok comes on. The entire staff begins to twerk- walk. My mind  is blown. I still haven’t ordered. It feels as if I’ve stepped into a Black Narnia of the sorts. I’m  enamored by the charm. My server returns. I make an executive decision, “Chicken and waffles  with a side of home potatoes please.” I can tell that she approves by her head nod as scribbles  on her notepad. “Will that be all?” she asks. “Ah, yes! May I also have a side of the Hennessey syrup?” Now, I know what you’re thinking and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like!

On par with today’s theme, I opted for a Hennessey and coke as my Brunch cocktail (Typically, I am an Aperol spritz girl). Before I could completely get lost into the atmosphere again, I caught a glimpse of what looks like my food beelining toward me. Hooray. It is mine! The server ensures that I have every sauce that I need. A side of Carolina gold, ranch and Henny sizzurp. I attack the potatoes first–fried to golden brown perfection garnished with sauteed peppers. The chicken wings… wow! The crunch, the flavor! Now the main event, I drench the lightly powdered waffles with the signature syrup. I was a skeptic initially. My position quickly changed. How have I not added cognac to syrup before? I guess that’s why we leave the heavy lifting to the experts. Blaqhaus is by far the waviest brunch destination in the valley. Next time I’ll be smart and make a reservation. 

-Roni Bradley 

P.S. Blaqhaus has weekly events such as Spoken word night, Taco Tuesday and karaoke.

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