Jared Aguilera - Sunflower Station Press Operations

JM Santos Aguilera is a first-generation American poet. He was born in Fresno, California to parents who emigrated from Mexico in the 80s. He grew up speaking Spanish and entered kindergarten with a single word of English: firefighter. After graduating from San Francisco State University in 2013, he moved to New England to develop his writing. He currently runs and writes in Los Angeles.

michael v rodriguez outside home

Michael V. Rodriguez was adopted as a baby. This blessing continues to fill his stories with characters who are born in the margins. Mixed-race identity, a critique of authority, and the value of love are common themes in this work. Other influences include the East Bay DIY scene, cycling, the service industry, and other people's pets. Michael currently resides in Oakland and is pursuing a masters in education so he can become a high school teacher and further serve his community.

renee owens outside

Renee Owens is a queer, mixed race artist, writer, and activist. Her artistic endeavors involve community outreach and attempting to re-center disenfranchised voices, working directly with populations on projects that empower and spread awareness. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

patrick PJ zettle with dog Alice in attic of Portand, OR home

PJ Zettle is a writer, editor, musician, and educator hailing from San Francisco and currently based in Los Angeles. He is the author of many publications, is a screenwriter and editor, and is the primary writer for the upcoming series Blue Nights. He is one half of the musical duo PREY and performs under the alias DJ Ghosting. He holds masters degrees in English Literature and Publishing, both from Portland State University.