Mission de Control: Aux Mind

Spoiler alert: this is by no means a full-on Detroit techno mix. Instead, think of this as more of an appreciation mix. I love the sounds, that nasty, in-your-face funk 🙂


It begins and ends with Detroit techno elements. In the middle, it’s pretty modern techno and drum tracks. I think it starts around 130 bpm and goes up slightly… but can’t remember exactly.


My favorite track would probably be “Work That Mutha Fucker.” It’s just drums and a sample. Found this out on the discogs page, so you know it’s absolutely true;


Work That Mutha Fucker was made using just a Casio RZ-1 drum machine!
As well as providing all the drum sounds on the track it had a little sampler
built in with only a 1.6s memory. Just enough time to say…


Other tracks I think you must listen to are “The Detroit Break” and “C Plane (Danny Daze Remix)” and also the rest of them <3333




Track TitleArtist
Aux mind 2005Aux 88
Work That Mother Fucker (Remix)Steve Poindexter
The Detroit BreakMr.De’
C Plane (Danny Daze Remix)Piska Power
Jean RouchDauwd
Se Pone CalienteNicola Cruz
Erotic AromaNice Girl



High Five


Wave of Alienation

Mor Elian

Barely Legal

Damon Wild


Floating Points


DJ Stingray

Knights Of The Jaguar

DJ Rolando


Mall Grab

Work Me


Freak Of…

Sleep D

Late Night Soirée

Detroit’s Filthiest

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