Mission de Control: Party Like It’s ’95 Mix

Taking it to the ’90s on this mix with analog crunchiness and irresistible grooves. I feel like these older tunes have a stripped-down feel compared to modern stuff. A little more intimate, like you can almost stick your fingers in between the samples of “Anytime.”

Or is that just me?


So many good vocal samples and plenty of those uplifting house chords to go around! This the kind of mix that makes you want to get up and dance.


Take me back!


​​Daft Punk – Phoenix
Circulation – Emotions Unknown (C++ Force Mix)
Dark Globe – Mondo Scuro
Bass Hitt – Hey! (The Rhythm Hype Mix)
Nu-Birth – Anytime (Tuff & Jam’s Kick Dub)
Zap – Get Down
Auto Repeat – Needle Damage
Armando – Morse Code
Jazz N’ Groove – Keep Givin’ Me Love (Jazz ‘N’ Groove Mix)
Underground Kids – Get Up (Summer Madness)
R.A.W. – Unbe (Erick ‘More’ Mix)
David Morales ft. Delta – Wind Up Your Body (Def Club Mix)
Houz’ Neegroz – All Night Long (feat. Quiana)
Zap – Summertime
The Reese Project – Sacrifice (Love Revolution Remix)
Robert Armani – Score Board
Steve Poindexter – Born to Freak
Gusto – Let’s All Chant (Full Intention ‘Full Intended’ Mix)

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