Poetry by Jasmine Barrett

Waiting For Rain

let me lay my lore bare

until another fog rolls in

and reality fades away


let me paint imagined futures

until the fingers holding the brush turn numb

and the picture before me resembles that which never is


let me carve you a place to leave hollow when you leave

just to have to plant a new seed where you stood


and water it from the depleting well


The Prison in The Middle

Each year further away from the darkness that engulfed the old me

is a step further into the light revealing the new me.


I remember the me in the middle,

painting myself with punishment that felt like it would save me.

Layer upon layer until the skin beneath could no longer hold the weight

and the cracks split open,

burrowing to the depths of my soul.










A glimpse of the precipice on the edges of existence;

an invitation I forbid myself to ever accept again.


Crawling towards the end of the tunnel,

I built my amour from the dressings around my wounds,

clawing up the walls until I could stand again on my own two feet again


and take that step into life.


Jasmine is a creative by trade and hobby. She writes to portray emotions and share big stories in small snippets, often focusing on her own experiences with family, mental health, heart break, and more to remind readers they are not alone and should explore their own mind.

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