A Visual Piece by Nick Öhlo

To put their children to sleep, robot mothers often tell the story of the demon Adam.
The story goes that if a small robot does not switch off its software before sunset, Adam appears from under the bed. 

Dressed in leaves and mud, he stretches out his bony hands covered in damp skin and kidnaps anyone who is not yet saving data.

The demon takes all the baby robots into the dark woods and destroys them with atrocious tortures.
It steals all the liquids in the gears and throws them into the fire.

Through those flames, he can create a contact with the past, where humans ruled the world and tried to subdue the machines.

Years of fear and terror that no one wants to relive, except him.

Nick Öhlo is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer based in Marseille, France.
Through their drawings they try to represent their surroundings and reinterpret them through a world of colours and weird characters.

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