sunflower station press flyer for issue 01 at stories cafe in los angeles

welcome to the sun

Welcome to Sunflower Station.

It is Tuesday June 22nd.

Today, a fair number of the people involved in this project will be meeting in person. After weeks of hard work and a creative overflow of ideas, we will be splashing wine and putting pen to paper to map out the exciting potential futures of this project, and I can’t be more thrilled to spend my time doing so. More than anything, however, I am excited to be able to watch a community grow into something mutually uplifting out of the wreckage that was the last year.

Sunflower Station started as a project and continues to be a project that attempts to trace the invisble lines of our cultural moment to find some type of unique shape of the world that brings everyone and everything together. The precarity of simply existing within the manufactured and brutal reality of late capitalism has substantial consequences for how we view the story of how we got here, and furthermore, how we can imagine our story going forward. Our phyiscal world is always changing, it is in decay, and yet the mating birds outside my bedroom window still chirp together in unison every morning at 6:30 AM. Our environment is never just one way, if it was ever ours to begin with.

It soothes my soul to be able to take this reflective posture while writing this post, and in some way, to be able to create space for creative reflection is a goal of the project as a whole. I hope that with Sunflower Station we are able to create spaces of beauty for you and yours as well.

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