Uhm, cause it’s a UK ting?

Nah but seriously, I went to a Ben UFO show last weekend. It was great. The guy did not come on until like 1:30 AM. It was bizarre being back in a dark warehouse that was hot and humid with a blinding array of lights and lasers. All the familiar faces were there too. Punks, bros, hoes, druggies, and fanatics all there for a good time and hours of dancing.

Side note: before Ben UFO, Mesmé played. An LA DJ I will no doubt see again.

I’ve been reading Last Night a DJ Saved my Life, a historical account of DJing. Informative read, spans the decades and the globe in order to tell the story of the DJ. With that fresh in mind, I couldn’t help but take a step back during the night. I thought, this show, right after the pandemic, was a night I would never forget. A unique celebration where everyone had endured a dark year, and emerged hot and ready.

Why Ben UFO, an unassuming white guy from the UK, co-creator of RinseFM? Perhaps it’s his reserved demeanor, but mostly it’s his track selection. An aspect of which is grime. Tbh, I don’t think you can get good grime here in the states. You can hardly get good hiphop here. Which is why I’m coming to appreciate grime. It’s not hip hop, it’s not trap, it’s related but moves faster.

And damn, that warehouse show was hard and fast.