Loose Leaves

A low-brow literary & arts digi-zine for the end of the world

A low-brow literary & arts digi-zine for the end of the world


The Eros Effect

Love might then be seen as an action, and in relation to the capitalist state, one that is distinctly different from an exchange relation. Love is not a matter of possession or acquiescence in the capitalist mode, but instead, a simultaneously liberatory and remissive act.

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Considering Our Extinction

In X-Risk by Thomas Moynihan, Moynihan makes the claim that historical precedent of the apocalypse has a much different history than that of extinction, despite the fact they have been conflated to stand for a similar psychological phenomena in recent times. Moynihan makes the clear distinction: “In short, where apocalypse secures the sense of an ending, extinction anticipates the ending of sense.’

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colored pencil drawing of tree

Space Jammed

Noodles was a lousy alcoholic who projectile vomited red wine through his mouth spout on any given moment. It landed mostly on bathroom walls, but one time it landed in a blonde girl’s hair in the park.

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