Smell the Smoke


Tori Gesualdo and Esmer Kazvinova give shape to the ethereal space between life & death, between lovemaking & heartbreaking, between the past & now.

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In Smell the Smoke, Tori Gesualdo writes a collection of poetry that simultaneously bookends her previous forays into poetry and establishes her writing career anew. Paired with several stunning black & white photographs from Esmer Kazvinova, Gesualdo’s poems give shape to the ethereal space between life and death, between lovemaking and heartbreaking, between the past and now. Like a playful wisp of smoke, the poems and photographs in this book fill the reader’s head with visions that vanish leaving only the smell of ash behind.

This risograph book is the perfect little companion for a contemplative walk in the woods. Printed by Tiny Splendor in Los Angeles.

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